This morning Daddy and Carol headed out early to get some things done today and they knew that they wouldn’t be home for nap time, so Christen and I were left with Ashley and Sarah. Because neither one of us had had time alone yet, we decided to trade off watching the girls.

When I spent time with the girls, I released the inner-kid in me and decided to build a tent – complete with pink blankets! šŸ™‚DSC09218

It was quite warm in there!


As always, Ashley and Sarah thoroughly enjoyed their tent (I did too)! šŸ˜› We played with some small plastic farm animals and two wooden barns (not pictured). One of the things we did was stack up some wooden blocks (that are supposed to look like hay but really don’t), and we would each take turns putting an animal on the top of the blocks and making the noise that the animal makes. Some of the noises were hard! See if you know what noises these animals make: turtle, snail, rabbit (no,Ā boing! doesn’t count), giraffe, and hippo. Go ahead and try! šŸ™‚

After the fun we had in it today (we tore the tent down because of naps), I know Ashley and Sarah will be asking me to build the tent again…. Probably when they wake up from their naps! šŸ™‚