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I wanted to share this creative storage set-up that my great grandfather rigged up several years ago! 🙂


My great-grandfather, Papaw Vickers, was born in 1919. He lived through a time when people saved everything; the Great Depression. Even after the Depression, Papaw Vickers still saved things that most people nowadays would toss without a second thought. One of the interesting things Papaw did with seemingly useless trash was the shelf/storage gizmo pictured above.

Papaw used a piece of wood, a metal rack, some screws, and empty glass JIF Peanut Butter jars with metal lids (things just aren’t made to last nowadays). 😉 Papaw attached the lids to the piece of wood with some screws. After filling the glass jars with nuts, bolts, etc. he would screw the jars back onto the lids and voila! nifty storage compartments! Isn’t that cool? 🙂

Here’s a closer look at the setup.