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I’m so sad that today was our last full day in Canada. Even though I do want to go home, I hate saying goodbye to family and friends.

So, today we were tourists at our best! We went souvenir shopping. 😀 To be completely honest, I didn’t buy a whole lot. This trip was more catching up with friends and family than it was touring and shopping. But I enjoyed our time in Canada. Being able to sit and talk with friends and family face-to-face was a huge blessing!

Since I took zero photos today, I’ll share a photo with y’all that I took last Saturday. Last Saturday was when we drove from Calgary to Salmon Arm. About halfway through our six-hour drive, we stopped at a gas station to rest and refresh ourselves. While we were there, we spotted something very unusual in the passenger seat of a car.


The driver of that car put smiles on some dreary faces! 😀