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Today my brother started up a new blog called Mac Tech Talk! Instead of explaining the blog in my own words (yes, I’m being lazy ;)), I copied the info from the About Us page of MTT.


“What is Mac Tech Talk all about? We aim to bring tips & tricks to the most basic OS X users as well as some more advanced content for more advanced users!

We provide basic software performance tips, reviews and news, coding/programing tutorials, app reviews, & cool stuff like hacking into your own computer!

Forgot your password? Our tutorials can help! Is your computer running slow? We’ve got tips! Want to automate a task on your computer! We’ve got you covered there too!

If you like what you find why not follow us by subscribing!

Mac Tech Talk


I will occasionally be posting as an MTT Author; but since I’m not the brainiac of the family, my posts will mostly be reviews and simple tips for beginner users. 🙂

I hope you’ll check out the new blog!