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On Saturday I told you about my little sister dropping a big hint about my birthday present, and my big brother reminded me of my slip-up a few days before. 😛 Here’s how my blunder went down. (BTW–I rarely goof up like this. I’m actually really good at keeping secrets. 🙂 )

Carol, the girls, and I had gone shopping for Christen’s birthday presents a couple weeks ago. One of the things we had bought her was a bag of Milky Ways. Because of some traveling and sickness, we celebrated the day after Christen’s birthday; and since I was going to make the birthday dessert, Christen and I were discussing what she wanted for her dessert. This was our conversation (before she got the bag of Milky Ways).

Me: So what do you want for your birthday dessert?

Christen: Oh, I dunno.

Me: I could make key lime pie.

Christen: Ooh, that would be good!

Me: Or I could make that cream cheese dessert thing-y.

Christen: Oh yeah. That would be good too.

Me: We could put strawberries on it…. Or how about chopping up some Milky Way and putting that on top?

Christen: Mmm! But we would have to go buy some Milky Way.

Me: We could just use yours.

Christen: Uh, I have only four.

Me: Oh! Yeah…. hehe. Oops. 😉