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This past Saturday my family and I had the privilege of attending The Irish Tenors’ concert in Knoxville, TN! The last time we saw The Irish Tenors in concert I was nine years old; but being so young and sitting so far away that binoculars didn’t even help, the concert was hard to enjoy. Fast forward ten years to this past Saturday, and my family and I were sitting on row five! 🙂 It’s so hard to explain my excitement over seeing The Irish Tenors! Part of the excitement is because their music has been a part of my family for practically my whole life (The Irish Tenors were formed in 1998)!

When we first sat down in our seats my thought was “Could this get any better?” I couldn’t believe how close we were! 🙂


Much to my joy, things did get better! During the intermission, Christen, Ashley and I were able to move to the orchestra pit, second row!!! I was bursting with excitement! 🙂 We were soooo close!

I thoroughly enjoyed the concert! The Irish Tenors’ singing was amazing (like it always is)! 🙂

But, the night wasn’t over! 😉 After the concert, I was telling Daddy that I would love to actually meet The Irish Tenors some day and was disappointed that they didn’t have a meet-and-greet time while they were in the area. When we got back to our vehicle, I asked Daddy if we could go back and wait outside the back entrance of the theatre to see if we could meet The Irish Tenors (we weren’t sure if they had left or not). He told us we could, so Jonathan, Christen, and I walked back to the theatre. Long story short–after many events that I won’t bother boring you with–we were able to meet Anthony Kearns and Ronan Tynan! I was beyond excited! I was amazed, ecstatic, I couldn’t believe it!

Anthony Kearns and Ronan Tynan were so nice and polite. Their humorous and jovial characters made them instantly likable. 🙂

I am so happy I had the opportunity to meet Anthony Kearns and Ronan Tynan! I will treasure that meeting forever! 🙂