About Me

Hello! It’s Anna (no one too important)! 😉

I like a lot ofmanyseveral, well…. I LOVE a TON of things. 🙂 My likes range from chocolate to majestic mountain ranges (I also really like carrots). As you have probably already guessed, my favorite color is red; in my earliest years of coloring with crayons, I always gave both animals and humans red lips. Thankfully, I have grown out of that red-lip trend, but I can’t honestly say that I’ve grown out of the red trend. 😳

Some of my favorite things are writing, reading, photography, painting, hiking, drawing, spending time with my wonderful family, singing (although I don’t sound very good), baking, making jewelry, and sleeping. 🙂 And that list doesn’t even scratch the surface! Bottom line, I love many things. I’m not too picky until it comes to certain kinds of food…. but we won’t go there. 🙂 I hope you will spend some time on my blog and enjoy the tidbits from my everyday life!

Photo on 5-16-16 at 9.00 AM #2




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